About us

Founded by Molly Larsen, creator of All About Good Vibes, Coloringroom.fun is a place to download free coloring pages for you and your loved ones to color.

Molly Larsen wanted to create Coloringroom.fun to be a place where anyone can visit and download free pages to enjoy.

Molly has a background in education and knows the importance of learning through coloring and using your imagination. Since her daughter was learning to draw, Molly printed out and gave her coloring pages to learn.

Now her daughter is more connected in the moment and not glued to any electronics.

At Coloring.fun, every one of our hand-drawn pictures is not only fun to color in but educational too. Learn your ABC’s, numbers, animals, and more through the art of coloring.

Just download, print and color in! 



Molly Larsen

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